We are looking for people willing to help, who want to impact people, have an exchange of experiences and help us take the poverty of the favela to the museum.


We are proud to be the heroes and heroines, and we hope that you will also be able to share and to celebrate all of the accomplishments and results, showing the focus, determination, grit, and discipline.

Your support is very important to us, and whether it is fixed (6 months), and the time (less than 6 months old), or to the actions of the day. Each and every person, it helps us to give you a step ahead of the rest to we get farther and farther away.

Conheça as nossas vagas para fazer parte do time de voluntários da Gerando Falcões!



The Volunteer (S) and also the Influence (Ambassadors of the mobilization of) contact to digitally with our donors, the assets or the power of your own network of contacts, and personal/professional network for the exploration of resources (both financial donations, or from the items/goods that are directed to our Household and Social). By collaborating directly with the reporting and payment of our Campaigns, institutional, and/or emergency response), working in the Voluntary Online and in the Working Groups (Wgs), which is making the captures in the distance


Formas de voluntariado


Loves to teach and direct others? The cornerstone of mentorias, we need you!!! Sure, you can help us by guiding our young people to develop innovative strategies of the career, and life. Or, to help our leaders and social workers in training for the Falcons at University. Music of the psychologists and psychotherapists, will also be required. Not to mention teachers who give lessons, aimed at the development of the social order.



  • Follow-up of leaders in social work.
  • Follow-up to the leaders in the Fast-paced, and Participants.
  • Responsible for support of the construction of the content.
  • Teach synchronous to the Falcons at University.
  • Design and implementation of projects for the Falcons at University.
  • To assist in the construction of the support material.

Social, emotional,

  • It helps in the guidance of the school.
  • Monitoring and control.
  • Demands of the administration.
  • Attendance of individual students in planning for their life.
  • Referrals for specific students in need of specialized help.
  • Based on some of the themes in the program for the training of young people (for example: you talk about retail.
Homem em um círculo com outras pessoas na mentoria do voluntariado Gerando Falcões.

Unidades Próprias

In love with the one with affection, children, and education? The units themselves you can give your support on the following activities: sports, cultural, social-psychological, and other areas. We're ready for you, and we'd love to have your help in our centers of cultural and sporting goods.

  • To assist young people in the construction of the project's life (the labor market).
  • It helps in the guidance of the school.
  • Monitoring and control.
  • Demands of the administration.
  • It helps in the guidance of the school.
  • Monitoring and control.
  • Demands of the administration.
  • Registration and maintenance of your files.
  • The contact with the students.
  • The update of the data register.
  • The feedback from the process.
  • The capture of new business opportunities.
  • The attendance of the students and Parents.
  • Connections, and types of calls.
  • The stock and delivery service.
  • The minutes of the meeting.
  • The strategic vision.
  • Demands of the administration.
Menina debruçada no chão em uma das gincanas Gerando Falcões.

Conte comigo

I would like to help out in the administrative area of the Generating Hawks, developing the materials, programs, and activities that are super important to have on the inequality of the slums to the museum?" So that's kind of the a-pillar, you can venture into the human resources, Marketing, Operations, Partnerships, and much, much more.

Recruitment and Selection process

- Volunteer motivation, look up to the collective).
- Training and development.
- Research of the institute.

Corporate Communications/Marketing

- This can be a creation of communication materials.
- The editors.
- Video production and editing.
- As a Designer and a web designer.
Communications and MARKETING for the Falcons at University.
- Communication and MARKETING to Operations.


- Finding potential partners, and is an indication to the database.


- Research of the market.
- An analysis of the retail sector.
- Benchmarking metrics.
- Training sessions.


- Support for the multiplier.
- Decision-making.
- Creative Designers.
- Audits.


- The receiving and management of your contacts via e-mail, by Generating Hawks.
- Design of materials and processes.


Qual doação gostaria de fazer?