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Working at Gerando Falcões is one of the most stimulating and exciting personal and professional challenges. Joining a team that has chosen to promote social transformation and employ all the intellectual, technological and physical tools at its disposal to correct the inequalities that mark the most painful pages of our country's history, makes us reach far beyond gains and growth individuals. It is also an extremely necessary and urgent collective connection and evolution in the society in which we live. I believe in our mission and in the way we deliver, support and strengthen each other to build a legacy."

Imagine a lamp that helps you out of the darkness towards the path of hope! Being in the Gerando Falcões family is like that, it makes me feel this immense wick that is not broken by the force of our union. The sweat of work is the fuel that keeps this flame alive, that even the strongest storm does not extinguish because there is in this light that also illuminates excellence, wisdom, learning, generosity and kindness. It makes us move forward, believing that our achievement for a better world for our children is right there.

Working at GF is to be part of a team whose purpose is to overcome poverty and social inequality in Brazil and not just earn a living, it's incredible. And seeing this mission come true each day inspires us to continue to fulfill our purpose. "Less walls, more bridges." #Tamojunto

GF is an organization with a comprometimento sério, claro e visionário serious, clear and visionary commitment to its achievement in the face of poverty eradication. For this, it uses the most diverse management, sociology, urbanism and people techniques. And that's why I feel inspired by having colleagues from different professions who support me on several fronts, seeking continuous improvement in a pedagogical way , where we and leaders can exchange knowledge, improve experiences and make this an acceleration vector towards this goal. That's why I feel instigated, inspired and sharpened to develop the best for the transformation of favelas, which for me is much more than a job, a life mission.

When I saw the work of Gerando Falcões, my eyes sparkled, I was delighted with the purpose and quality of the actions carried out for the favelas. I’ve joined Gerando Falcões as a social leader, I went through a process of internal and professional development for a period of six months. In this process, I had the opportunity to revisit my entire trajectory and, from the tools available at Falcons University, I came back to believe in myself and value my life story. So, when I became part of Gerando Falcões, I felt that the institutional mission was connected with my purpose. I'm Gerando Falcões!

Here, giving up is not an option,, it never was and never will be. We move forward, always. This inspires me daily.