Gerando falcões - Who we are


"We can even see the horizon, but the distance to be covered is still incalculable."

Edu Lyra

Gerando falcões - Who we are

What we do

The Gerando Falcões Network is an ecosystem of social development that was born in the favela. We know what changed our lives. Based on our personal experiences and the knowledge we have accumulated, we have developed the belief that it is possible to transform the lives of children, young people, leaders and favela residents through a combination of socio-emotional education, professional education, access to work and technologies. That's what we do: we deliver education, economic development and citizenship services in favela territories and we carry out programs for the systemic transformation of favelas, such as Favela 3D, as well as social emergency projects such as Corona no Paredão and Bolsa Digital.


How we do

At Gerando Falcões, we are creating a viable social technology, with the potential to be replicated in scale, to transform the poverty of the favelas into a museum piece. We are the commanders of the locomotive that is leading the third sector to have the same performance as large corporations. Despite bringing the knowledge of large companies to our development, we have not lost our essence, which comes from plurality, uniting the lessons learned from the elites with our knowledge of the favela, creating a broad vision to fight poverty and transform it. there in a museum piece

Occupation area

Our ecosystem encompasses more than 1,545 favelas spread throughout Brazil, acting in network strategy, with the training of social leaders (Falcons University) and monitoring of organizations (Accelerated Units and Fellows Network), in addition to projects such as #CoronanoParedao, Fome Não, Bolsa Digital and Favela 3D, which will redesign the favelas of Brazil, transforming them into a DIGINOUS, DIGITAL AND DEVELOPED environment. We help organizations realize social entrepreneurship through strategic management, digital transformation and data analysis. In addition, we bring emotional intelligence so that children, youth and social leaders are prepared to face the world with their heads held high and the certainty that they can make their dreams come true. #We're together


Expansion plan

We created a structure where NGOs from all over Brazil receive, in addition to financial support, continuous monitoring from their leaders to leverage their capacity to impact the favelas and develop their skills.

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After training the social leaders of the accelerated units through the acceleration program, the leaders are reaching a new stage, which is our continuing education program. The NGO works to develop six core pillars: socio-emotional skills, favela expertise, private sector expertise, public policy, technology and innovation.