Gerando falcões - Volunteering

Your help is very important to us

We are proud to be heroes and heroines and we hope that you too can share and celebrate all achievements and results, demonstrating focus, determination, resilience and discipline. Your help is very important to us, whether it is fixed (6 months), punctual (less than 6 months) or for one-day actions. Each person helps us take a step forward to go further and further.

Forms Of Volunteering

Mobilization Network

Mobilizing Volunteers and Influencers (Ambassadors of Mobilization) digitally contact our active donors or activate their own network of contacts, personal/professional, to prospect for resources (financial donations or donations of items/goods directed to our Bazaar- Social). Collaborating directly with the dissemination and collection of our campaigns (institutional and/or emergency), exercising Online Volunteering in Working Groups (WGs), conducting remote fundraising

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Do you like teaching and directing people? In the mentoring pillar we need you! You can certainly help us by guiding our young people to develop career and life strategies. Or assist our social leaders in training at Falcons University. Follow-up by psychologists and psychotherapists will also be needed. Not to mention the teachers who give classes focused on social development.

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Ask your questions

  • Monitoring of social leaders

  • Monitoring of Accelerated and Fellow leaders

  • Responsible for supporting content construction

  • Teach synchronous classes at Falcons University.

Project Consultants+
  • Structuring and implementation of Falcons University projects

  • Assist in the construction of support materials


Aks your questions

  • helping young people to build their life project (labour market)

  • Individual consultations with students – planning for life.

Psychotherapy services+
  • Specific referrals for students in need of specialized help.

Speakers and Workshops+
  • support on some themes within the youth training program (example: lecture on retail).

Own units

Are you passionate about human warmth, children and education? In our own units, you can support activities in sports, culture, psychosocial, among other areas. We are ready to receive you and would love your cooperation in our cultural and sporting centers.

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Ask your questions

Ask your questions

  • Help with class guidelines

  • Monitoring and controlling

  • Administrative demands

  • Help with class guidelines

  • Monitoring and controlling

  • Administrative demands

Professional Qualification+
  • Help with class guidelines

  • Registration and file maintenance

  • Monitoring and controlling

  • Administrative demands

  • Contact with students/updating registration data

  • Interview Schedules

  • Process feedbacks

  • Attracting new companies and opportunities

  • Student/parent service

  • Calls and appointments

  • Actions and deliveries

  • Minutes of meetings

  • Strategic vision

  • Administrative demands

Count on Me

Would you like to help in the administrative areas of Gerando Falcões, developing materials, programs and activities that are super important to bring inequality from the favelas to the museum? So this is your pillar, you can venture into HR, Marketing, Operations, Partnerships and many others.

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