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A teaching university from the favela to the favela. Falcons University is the mind behind the teaching methodology of all educational fronts at Gerando Falcões.


Let's change the way we educate in Brazil

Through the active method of teaching, learning and using technology, we develop children, young people, educators and leaders to break the cycle of intellectual, emotional and technical poverty.

A university from the favela to the favela, Falcons University is the mind behind the teaching methodology of all educational fronts of Gerando Falcões, which works on the 10 pillars of the BNCC (Base Nacional Curricular), having as its central pillar the development of socio-emotional skills.

In our educational innovation laboratory, we have developed and improved an education methodology for the country - our social leaders, workshops, professional training and qualification, as well as educators - with full potential to reach the most unusual and unequal places.

Education changes the world and together we can change the way of educating in Brazil!


Because it exists

Bringing knowledge to the most vulnerable end of society is one of our missions. With social-emotional education and giving a direction to the lives of children, young people, social leaders, we train better human beings with the competence to break the walls and cross, with our heads held high and without fear, the bridge towards the end of inequality.


Líderes Sociais

Social leaders have a 6-month initial training, with online and face-to-face classes. All free. In addition, we follow them continuously, for 3 and a half years, so that new social leaders can absorb the most diverse areas that involve social entrepreneurship.

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Youth Formation

Our Youth Training Program is based on socio-emotional skills and competences combined with the development of specific and basic technical skills, such as an office package, entrepreneurship, vocational guidance, among others. In this way, young people develop in the personal and emotional aspects, which they qualify for any type of work and activity, linked to specific technical skills that are important to the labor market. This mix of learning promotes the qualification of the new professional of the future. For more information about the program and its courses, contact

ESG course

Nowadays, organizations that have less social and environmental impact and more ecological, social and economic responsibility stand out in the market. Therefore, the ESG course (Environmental, Social and Governance, in Portuguese: Environmental, Social and Governance) was created for companies of all types to learn and evaluate their performance based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. The Gerando Falcões Social Entrepreneurship course brings more than awareness of social responsibility, it shows how companies can act in an innovative way in the third sector, in addition to training executives and employees to co-create and work with the favela in solutions to combat social inequality.

125 hours in 3 months,
4 modules

Each student will ensure a professional leadership course for a social leader, which in addition to promoting the experience of real situations by complementing the shared content, it is these leaders who help to transform life in the slums. At the end of the course, the company will have an ESG program built or improved by the executives and employees themselves.

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